Ultimate Indoor Golf is a novel experience in LA Fitness clubs where you can play 18 holes, practice or just have fun playing golf in an indoor, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Iconic courses like Pebble Beach can be played day or night, rain or shine.

Ultimate Indoor Golf’s simulators use computer-generated graphics, to create an extremely realistic and fun experience. You can improve your game, regardless of your age or skill. You won’t have to look for lost balls or wait for the group in front of you. And, best of all, you can do it in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost of a round of golf on an outdoor course. An 18-hole round takes about an hour for a single golfer.

Do I need to be an LA Fitness member in order to come to Ultimate Indoor Golf?

No, you don’t have to be a member. Our facilities are open to the public.

How does it work?

Come into any LA Fitness where we are located. You will be escorted to our performance center, which incorporate an 11-foot by 15-foot screen with a high definition projector displaying the golf course you select to play. A state of the art TrackMan launch monitor will capture your swing and our computer will coordinate the data, including launch angle, ball speed, head speed, angle of attack, etc. with a GPS system and track the direction of the ball and how far it travels.

The computer will simulate the ball flight and cue up the next shot with a graphicfrom that exact location toward the green. Repeat until the hole is completed. The computer will calculate and save statistics including fairways hit, average and longest drive, greens in regulation, etc.

Whether you play 18 holes or practice on the range, the computer will keep track of all your statistics and save them in “Your Locker” in the cloud. You can also play in leagues or tournaments, locally or world-wide. You and your friends can play closest to the pin or long drive contests or play a particular hole as often as you like until you master it. You can play many other games too.

How many courses can you play?

We have a selection of more than 50 golf courses, including Torrey Pines, Bandon Dunes and Pebble Beach. A full list can be found on the “Course Listing” tab on the top of this page.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Not necessarily. If the simulators are not being used, you can walk right in. However, the simulators tend to be busy and it is best to make a reservation in advance.

How do I make a reservation?

Click on the “Book a Time” tab at the top of this page or call 425-455-3335

Is there a way to try it before I have to pay full price?

Yes. You can come in at any time and your first round is available at half price. If you’re not completely satisfied, your round is free.

When should I arrive?

You should plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so you can sign in and warm up.

Is free parking available?

Parking is available in the garage directly below LA Fitness. We can validate your ticket for up to 4 hours. The entrance to LA Fitness is on the second floor.

Is the simulator easy to use?

The simulator is very user-friendly. You will use a touch-screen monitor which enables you to select the game you wish to play, whether it is an 18-hole golf course, or a driving range.

Do I have to be a good golfer?

The simulators are fun for all ages and skill levels. Since the simulator very accurately captures the swing data, good golfers can use it to improve their performance. Beginner golfers can use it to comfortably learn to play. You won’t be intimidated by people watching or judging you. You have the freedom to do whatever makes you happy, including taking as many mulligans as you want! The object is to have fun in a relaxed environment. It’s easy to improve.

Do I need to have my own clubs and are there dress requirements?

No. We will provide top-of-the-line golf clubs for any level of golfer. Dress in gym clothes if you like. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.

Is it fun for a low handicap golfer?

Yes. You can bring your own clubs and practice, play alone or with your friends. You can create your own tournaments and leagues or join ours. Prizes will be awarded. All of your data is stored in the cloud, in your own personal locker, which you can access yourself or with your instructor. Improvement is accelerated with practice and your data from every swing. Unlike an outdoor range, every shot is measured and all your statistics are collected and available to you.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes. Gift certificates are available for any amount and have no expiration date. You can also buy blocks of time for 5 or 10 hours at a significant discount.

Do I need to have a handicap to play in tournaments and leagues?

When you play in a tournament or league, you will use your USGA handicap. If you don’t have a handicap, you can either join the USGA and enter your scores to establish a USGA handicap.

Is golf instruction available in the simulators?

Yes, we have a certified PGA Professional on staff that is available by appointment, or you can bring your own instructor if you prefer. We will also be offering beginning clinics for those that want to learn!

Do you have exercise programs for golf-specific golf exercises?

Yes. Certain LA Fitness personal trainers can provide training based upon an assessment of your specific needs and tailor an exercise program for you to gain strength and improve your performance. You can use the simulator to assess your needs and then continue to monitor your progress as you play or practice.

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